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Stockton Studio Hours: Saturdays & Sundays 12 noon - 5pm, Weekdays by appointment
Located at 24 Risler Street in Stockton, New Jersey, across from the Prallsville Mill.

"Warm and Inviting" are words often used to describe the works of Hunterdon County, New Jersey artist, teacher, and lecturer, Jerry Cable. Jerry started painting when he was in grade school and has rarely put down his brush since then.

Jerry's award winning oil paintings are true to the New Hope Impressionist painting style of capturing a moment in time and intimately revealing the interplay of light and shadow on a canvas of cool hues and pales tones.

For his landscapes, still lifes, and portraits, Jerry relies on his memory and personal journeys to provide the spark of emotion that engages the viewer initially.

Jerry's studio is in Stockton, NJ and, like American Impressionists before him, enjoys painting local and Pennsylvania landscapes, animal portraits, barns, mills, and farm animals.

He also loves to visit and paint in other areas of the United States. Monhegan Island, Maine, is one of those places and it holds a special place in his heart.

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